Invisible Software

Invisible Control for DOS


Invisible Control is a remote control program for computers running DOS. It does not support Windows. Invisible Control uses the network to send screen images and keystrokes from one computer to another.

Invisible Control has three modes of operation. In monitor mode you can view the screen, and use the keyboard, of any other computer in the network. In group broadcast mode the image on your screen is sent to many other computer users simultaneously. In chat mode you have a two-way conversation with another user.

Invisible Control runs on Invisible LAN or any other NetBIOS-compatible network.


  1. Click here to download ICD.ZIP (25K).
  2. Make a temporary directory on your hard disk. For example, you could call it C:\ICTEMP.
  3. Unzip ICD.ZIP into the temporary directory. For example, with PKUNZIP you could use the following command:

  4. Run the INSTALL program to install the Invisible Control software. When you perform the "Copy Files" function in INSTALL, type the name of your temporary directory as the source of the copy.


The instruction manual for Invisible Control is available in our On-Line Manuals section.


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