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Invisible LAN Remote
Version 4.00K


Invisible LAN Remote lets you extend the range of your network through serial ports and modems. Invisible LAN Remote can do two things:

Invisible LAN Remote is an add-on to the Invisible LAN operating system for DOS and Windows 3.X. Before installing Invisible LAN Remote, you must install the Invisible LAN operating system for DOS and Windows 3.X.

Invisible LAN Remote cannot run under Windows 95. However, Invisible LAN Remote can coexist on the network with other computers running Windows 95, and data for Windows 95 servers and workstations can pass through an Invisible LAN Remote serial link.

Caution: Invisible LAN Remote is a technically demanding product. In order to use it successfully, you must have considerable technical knowledge, including an understanding of serial communications and your modem's "AT" command set.


  1. Click here to download ILREMOTE.ZIP (109K).
  2. Unzip ILREMOTE.ZIP directly into your NET30 disk directory. (The NET30 directory is the directory where the Invisible LAN operating system is installed.) For example, with PKUNZIP you could use the following command:

        PKUNZIP  -d  ILREMOTE  C:\NET30\

    Notice the -d parameter. This tells PKUNZIP to use the subdirectory information in the ZIP file.


Our On-Line Manuals section contains the Invisible LAN Remote instruction manual.

There are several text files included in the README subdirectory that give additional information:


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