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Realtek 8029 PCI Ethernet with Windows 95


This document describes how to use a Realtek 8029-based PCI Ethernet board with Invisible LAN for Windows 95

Realtek is a company that manufactures Ethernet controller chips. Many other companies use Realtek chips to produce their Ethernet boards. The Realtek 8029 controller chip is marked with the part number "RTL8029". If you have a PCI Ethernet board with a controller chip marked "RTL8029" then you have a Realtek 8029-based PCI Ethernet board.

Under normal circumstances, all you have to do is install the Windows 95 driver that came with your board.

However, some early versions of the Realtek 8029 driver for Windows 95 did not work with Invisible LAN. We have found that some board manufacturers are distributing these early drivers. Therefore, it is possible that Invisible LAN won't work with the driver that came with your board.

For this reason, we are making available a Realtek 8029 driver for Windows 95 that has been tested with Invisible LAN and verified to work. To get this driver:

  1. Click here to download W95_8029.EXE. This file is a self-extracting archive.
  2. In Windows Explorer, double-click on W95_8029.EXE. The program asks you where you want to store the driver files. Enter the name of the directory you want to use.
  3. Install the driver using the Network section of Control Panel.
    (If you have already installed a driver for the Realtek 8029 and you want to replace it, then use Device Manager to replace your existing driver. To do this, click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel, then System, then Device Manager tab, then expand Network Adapters, then click on your network adapter, then click Properties, then Driver tab, then Update Driver.)

Note that you can always download the latest Windows 95 driver from Realtek's web site at


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