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DOS 6.X Compatibility


Compatibility issues with the 6.X versions of DOS are as follows:

DoubleSpace incompatible with lnvisibleLAN versions prior to 3.42.

DOS's DoubleSpace disk compression utility installs itself in such a manner that it appears to the InvisibleLAN Disk Cache product as the first device driver in CONFIG.SYS. As the CACHE30.SYS must be the first device driver, the cache (and thus the remainder of the network) will not load. The following solutions are available:

"Incorrect DOS version" errors possible.

This may occur on a file server (or other machine) that loads SHARE.EXE as part of the loading of the network. Should this error occur during the network load process, simply copy SHARE.EXE from your DOS directory to the NET30 directory and reboot the machine. Note that this error could only occur if the machine were previously running a different version of DOS.

DOS's MEMMAKER command.

MEMMAKER, a DOS memory optimization program, if run on a system also running InvisibleLAN, will very likely place DEVICEHIGH statements on the network device drivers (CACHE30.SYS and N30DEV.SYS) in CONFIG.SYS and may place a LOADHIGH (or LH) command on the NET30.EXE command in AUTOEXEC.BAT. This must be avoided, as it may cause problems properly loading or operating the network. Changes of this nature can be cured or avoided as follows:

No further incompatibilities with DOS versions 6.X are known as of the date of this document.


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