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If Your DOS or Windows 3.X Network Doesn't Work


Following is a list of basic things to check if your DOS or Windows 3.X installation of Invisible LAN doesn't work.


If you are using an Invisible LAN network card, you can use Adapter Dependent software. If you are using a third-party card, you must use Adapter Independent software containing the SERIAL.DAT (serial number) file.

Software type can be determined by typing DIR *.OPT in the NET30 directory.


DEVICE = C:\NET30\CACHE30.SYS (must be first device statement, must not be DEVICEHIGH, not required with smartdrv)
must be last device statement, must not be DEVICEHIGH)


SMARTDRV must be removed if using CACHE30.SYS in CONFIG.SYS

NET30 or C:\NET30\NET30 starts Invisible Network, must not follow LH or LOADHIGH statement

NOTE: If NET30 is followed by a name or word, the network will start with that initialization file. Example: NET30 MIKE will start network using MIKE.INI instead of the default NET30.1NI.


Reboot the computer and when STARTING MS DOS is displayed, PRESS F5. This will start your computer without using the CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.

Run NETDIAG from a DOS prompt in the NET30 subdirectory. If a list of network cards is displayed, enter your card type. Most current Invisible cards accept the INVISIBLE ETHERNET 2000 driver. If you are using Adapter Independent software with a non-Invisible card, first try the NE2000 driver. If it fails, try the D-LINK 2000, then the 3Com. If none of these drivers produce a grid, consult your network hardware manual for proper identification.

Once a grid is displayed, one line of text should appear for each computer currently on your network. If only one machine appears (and there are other machines running), there is a problem external to the computer such as cable or T-connectors. If your network uses Ethernet Cable (looks like TV cable only thinner) ensure that EACH MACHINE has a T-Connector attached and that the first machine and last machine each have a 50 OHM TERMINATOR (small plastic or metal cap on one side of the T-Connector) attached.

5. SETUP30

Running SETUP30 from a DOS prompt in the NET30 subdirectory will start the network configuration program. Load the initialization file (see NOTE in step 3 above) and go into ADVANCED CONFIGURATION, then into GENERAL NETWORK PARAMETERS. Confirm your user (computer) name, software type (usually STANDARD), and that the hardware type matches that used in NETDIAG.


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