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Invisible LAN Fast Setup for DOS and Windows 3.X


This is the basic, recommended installation for the Invisible LAN network. These procedures are for a DOS or Windows 3.X network ONLY (not for Windows 95).

IMPORTANT: Network maintenance and installation requires a complete understanding of DOS commands. If you are not familiar with DOS commands, please consult your Invisible LAN dealer or other qualified personnel.


If you are using an Invisible LAN network card, you can use Adapter Dependent software, otherwise, you must use Adapter Independent software containing the SERIAL.DAT (serial number) file.

Invisible LAN software disks that are not labeled Adapter Independent, contain AD software and will ONLY work with network cards from Invisible. Once installed, software type can be determined by typing DIR *.OPT in the NET30 directory. NETAD.OPT indicates Adapter Dependent. NETAI.OPT indicates Adapter Independent.

Install the network card into your computer. Put any enclosed diskettes or manuals in a safe place.


Insert Disk #1 into a floppy drive and run SETUP30 from the disk (not from a previous install on your hard drive). SETUP30 will ask where to install the software. Accept the default of NET30 and the file extraction process will begin. Soon you will be asked for disk #2. Insert into the drive and push ENTER to continue. You may be asked to supply the path to SHARE.EXE. This is usually C:\DOS. Invisible LAN requires a copy of SHARE that is the same version as that in your DOS directory. After disk #2 has completed, SETUP30 will ask if you have any additional software to install. If you are adding ULTRA SERVER or REMOTE, you can insert those disks and they will also be installed.

After installation is complete you can go into GENERAL NETWORK PARAMETERS to enter your machine name and other options for this workstation. Most installations with Invisible LAN network cards will be:

User Name: As desired You may enter a user or workstation name (no spaces).
Software Version: STANDARD Options include ULTRA_SERVER and REMOTE_LOGIN.
Network Hardware: ETHERNET_2000 Default for AD software. (NE2000 is the default for AI software).
Load Server: Y Allows others to access this machine and it's disks and printers.
Load SHARE: Y Required if the Server is loaded.
Load Cache: Y To use Invisible LAN disk cache program.
Load Redirector: Y Y to be used as a workstation, N for server only.
Load Mail: Y To use the Invisible LAN mail program.
Windows Support: Optional: Y or N Y is required if you are going to use Windows.

The above information and other settings may be changed at anytime by running SETUP30 from a DOS prompt, loading the initialization file, and going into ADVANCED CONFIGURATION. Once installed, SETUP30 is like an editor to modify the initialization file. The default file is C:\NET30\NET30.INI. You must load a file when you start SETUP30 and save a file when you exit.


Type EDIT C:\CONFIG.SYS from a DOS prompt. This will open the DOS text editor and load your CONFIG.SYS file. Confirm that the following lines are added to the file.

This must be first line in the file that begins with the word "DEVICE." It must not be modified to DEVICEHIGH. If you prefer to use DOS Smartdrv, this line is not required.

This must be last line in the file that begins with the word "DEVICE." It must not be modified to DEVICEHIGH

Save the file and exit.

Type EDIT C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT from a DOS prompt. This will open the DOS text editor and load your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Confirm that the file is as follows.

Save the file and exit:


Notices: Copyright 1996 by Invisible Software, Inc. Invisible Software and InvisibleLAN are trademarks of Invisible Software, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

This document was prepared on 11/21/96, and was believed to be accurate as of that date. Procedures, specifications, and compatibility may change without notice, and therefore this document may be out-of-date and/or inapplicable to current product versions. Invisible Software provides this document "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances shall this document be construed as creating or expanding any warranty of product performance.


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