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Minimum Remote Boot Diskette


Here is the minimum set of files needed for making a REMOTE BOOT diskette. A REMOTE BOOT diskette is used for setting up a diskless workstation on the network (i.e., a workstation that loads DOS from a file server, instead of a local disk drive). The REMOTE BOOT diskette must contain all the files needed to boot the diskless workstation.

Directory of REMOTE BOOT diskette


Contents of CONFIG.SYS

buffers = 20
files = 20
device = himem.sys
device = n30dev.sys
dos = high

Contents of AUTOEXEC.BAT

prompt $p$g
path c:\;c:\dos;c:\net30

Contents of NET30.INI

net30.hardware = Ethernet_2000 = remote
net30. redirector = y
map.c = \\server\c:

(Note: The "net30.hardware" parameter must be present, but its value is ignored since the ROM on the diskless workstation already knows the hardware type. The value of "" is the name you want to assign to the diskless workstation. The value of "map.c" is the network path for mapping the diskless workstation's C: drive; you can add additional mappings by including "map.d" or "map.lpt1" etc.)


Remote boot uses a disk image that is booted across the network from the remote boot server. This disk image is loaded across the network as a read-only virtual A: boot drive. If you have a local floppy diskette drive, you can unlink from the remote boot server in order to activate your local A: drive. To do this, add the following statements to your AUTOEXEC.BAT:


Additional Information

For additional information on setting up diskless workstations, refer to the Invisible LAN DOS User Manual.


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