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How to Remove Invisible LAN for Windows 95/98/Me


Follow these instructions if you want to remove Invisible LAN for Windows 95/98/Me from your computer.

Step 1 -- Disable Sharing Icons

If you used INVSHARE.REG to enable sharing icons, you need to disable the sharing icons. Click Start, then click Run, then enter the following command:


If you did not enable sharing icons, there is no need to use this command. (If you don't know whether or not you enabled sharing icons, you can assume that you didn't. Almost no one enables the sharing icons.)

Step 2 -- Start the Network Control Panel

Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Then, double-click Network.

Step 3 -- Remove Invisible LAN Components

If the only thing left is the hardware driver, click on the hardware driver, then click Remove. If you have other network components installed (such as the Microsoft Network), then leave the hardware driver alone. (Note: If you're running Windows Me, then the hardware driver does not appear in the network control panel.)

Note: For proper results, you should remove the components in the order listed above.

Step 4 -- Exit the Network Control Panel

After removing the Invisible LAN components, click OK at the bottom of the network control panel.

Step 5 -- Restart Windows

After removing the network components, you must restart Windows. Windows 95 or 98 displays a dialog box you can use to restart Windows.

Step 6 -- Delete the Invisible LAN Support Files

If you wish, you may delete the Invisible LAN support files from your system.

If you received the Invisible LAN software on diskettes, insert Invisible LAN Program Diskette #1 in drive A:, then go to a DOS prompt and type the following command:


If you downloaded the Invisible LAN software from our web site, go to a DOS prompt and change to the directory where you have stored the Invisible LAN for Windows 95/98 files. Then, type the following command:


In either case, the command runs a batch file called DEL_IL95.BAT which deletes all the Invisible LAN files from your hard disk.

(Remark: With Windows Me, it is possible that some Invisible LAN setup files remain in the computer after running DEL_IL95. This is because Windows Me, unlike Windows 95 and 98, makes extra copies of some setup files. We do not attempt to delete these extra copies because it is unclear how Windows Me might be affected by deleting them.)


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