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Stacker Compatibility (Versions 3.X and 4.0)


The DOS and Windows 3.X version of InvisibleLAN has successfully been tested with versions 3.0 through 4.0 of Stacker, Stac Industries' disk compression product. There are, however, two possible issues of conflict that may arise, both of which are easily solved. These issues, along with their solutions, are:

Loading the InvisibleLAN Disk Cache along with NET30 gives "CACHE30.SYS is not the first device driver loaded" errors.

Stacker's disk compression utility installs itself in such a manner that it appears to the InvisibleLAN Disk Cache product as the first device driver in CONFIG.SYS. As the CACHE30.SYS must be the first device driver, the cache (and thus the remainder of the network) will not load. The following solution is available:

Running the NET30 program gives errors of the form "cannot execute <filename>.OVL".

This is caused by a conflict with the Stacker "redirector", a command interceptor that is a necessary component of the Stacker product. In order to workaround the loading of the redirector as a part of loading the Stacker product, follow the following steps:


(a forward-slash, the letter I [case does not matter], and a minus sign or hyphen)

This will disable the loading of the Stacker redirector, thus enabling the various components of the InvisibleLAN software to load properly.

No further incompatibilities with any Stacker version are known as of the date of this document.


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This document was prepared on 08/10/94, and was believed to be accurate as of that date. Procedures, specifications, and compatibility may change without notice, and therefore this document may be out-of-date and/or inapplicable to current product versions. Invisible Software provides this document "AS IS" and without warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances shall this document be construed as creating or expanding any warranty of product performance.


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