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TCP/IP Compatibility


InvisibleLAN compatibility with TCP/IP products is provided through the use of our TransBIOS Packet Driver ("TBPD"). Included with InvisibleLAN beginning with version 3.13, TBPD.COM is a packet driver that runs on top ofTransBIOS. TBPD lets any packet driver application operate in conjunction with Invisible LAN. The packet driver provides a standard programming interface that allows applications to communicate on the network.

The most common packet driver application is TCP/IP. This application uses standardized network protocols to transfer files on the network. TCP/IP allows your PC to communicate with other PCs, with UNIX file servers, with SUN workstations, and even with mainframe hosts.

TBPD is a type of packet driver known as a "Clarkson" driver. There are a large number of Clarkson packet drivers for different network boards. TBPD behaves much the same as any other Clarkson packet driver. However, unlike most drivers, TBPD does not interact directly with the Ethemet hardware. Instead, TBPD works by making calls to TransBIOS. Therefore, TBPD itself is hardware-independent, and can be used with any Ethernet board supported by TransBIOS.

Instructions for loading TBPD are contained in the TBPD.TXT file, also included with the InvisibleLAN software, typically in the README subdirectory of your NET30 directory or on the distribution disks themselves.

Simply stated, TBPD allows your TCP/IP package to communicate with other TCP/IP, machines using the same network card and cable as InvisibleLAN, all while the network remains in operation.

If you wish documentation for the packet driver API [application program interface], it is available (along with the full source code for TBPD) for download as TBPDSRC.ZIP. The packet driver API is a low-level interface for sending and receiving Ethernet packets.

If you are looking for information on higher-level TCP/IP functions or information relating to the functionality of TCP/IP itself, these will depend on the particular TCP/IP package that you are using. Documentation relating to these issues will be available from the vendor of the particular TCP/IP package.

Invisible Software has worked with, on a limited basis, TCP/IP products from two manufacturers:

Many other companies manufacture TCP/IP packages and the two references above should not necessarily be regarded as an endorsement of those products. Often the best idea will be to contact the manufacturer of the operating system you wish to connect with InvisibleLAN and inquire as to which TCP/IP product they recommend. Be certain that their DOS product is compatible with a NetBIOS Local Area Network.

Please note that Invisible Software cannot provide information as to the features of TCP/IP products, nor can we provide technical assistance in regard to their setup or functionality, nor regarding their compatibility with your particular hardware or software.

Note: TBPD is only for use with the DOS and Windows 3.X version of Invisible LAN. The Windows 95 version of Invisible LAN does not need any special provisions for TCP/IP, because support for TCP/IP is built in to Windows 95 as a standard feature of the operating system.


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