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If Your Windows 95 Network Doesn't Work


Following is a list of basic things to check if your Windows 95 installation of Invisible LAN doesn't work.

Note: Windows 95 REQUIRES Invisible LAN version 4.00 or later.


If you previously had an Invisible Network in a NET30 directory, delete it. Remove ALL references from CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files that were used with our previous networks. These are no longer used with Win95 (CACHE30.SYS, N30DEV.SYS, and NET30).


If you are using an Invisible LAN network card, you can use Adapter Dependent software, otherwise, you must use Adapter Independent software containing the SERIAL. DAT (serial number) file. Older Invisible LAN cards (Model 300, Ethernet-8, and Ethernet-16) are not Win95 compatible.

With the network card installed, load the proper drivers from Win95, or the manufacturer's disk and set the IRQ and I/O address. Restart the computer and confirm that there are no errors with the card. Check that no Yellow ! or Red X appears in front of your card in Device Manager. (To run Device Manager, click START, then SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL, then SYSTEM, then DEVICE MANAGER, and then NETWORK ADAPTERS)


Go to Windows 95 Network Configuration menu by clicking START, then SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL, and then NETWORK. Remove everything but the network card and then restart the computer IN DOS MODE (you will get "your network is incomplete" errors). Run DEL_IL95.BAT from Invisible LAN distribution disk 1 then RESET (Ctrl-Alt-Del).

From the Win95 Network Configuration menu click ADD, then PROTOCOL, then ADD, then HAVE DISK, and install TRANSBIOS for ETHERNET (or TOKEN RING) from Invisible LAN distribution disk number 1. Repeat the procedure to add the CLIENT and SERVICE (if this machine is to be a server). DO NOT PUSH the "File and Print Sharing" button. This will load the Microsoft Network.

If your network card uses the DEC driver, highlight the card and click on Properties, then Advanced, then Connection Type for 32 Bit Driver, and enter the proper value on right. (do not use AutoSense). Click on OK and Win95 will request a RE-START.

If Win95 starts without error messages but Network Neighborhood displays only the local machine, check the IRQ and I/O settings of your network card by running it's setup program from a DOS prompt or by confirming it's jumper settings.

Confirm that your Win95 network card configuration (IRQ and I/O Address) matches that of your hardware. You can change the Win95 settings by clicking START, then SETTINGS, then CONTROL PANEL, then SYSTEM, then DEVICE MANAGER, then NETWORK ADAPTERS, then YOUR NETWORK CARD, and then RESOURCES.

If the settings match, select a different IRQ for the card, and make the corresponding change in the Win95 driver. (Often Win95 does not report a conflict yet changing the IRQ works.)


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