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Patch for Windows 98 Second Edition


There is a patch to correct a problem that occurs with Windows 98 Second Edition on some laptop computers.

Problem Description

On some laptop computers running Windows 98 Second Edition, there are error messages during startup saying "TransBIOS virtual device driver is not installed or not working". After startup, network functions are not available, and usually there is no Network Neighborhood icon.

Installing the Patch

This problem is corrected by installing the following patch.

  1. Click here to download PATCH982.ZIP (39K).
  2. Make a directory on your hard disk and unzip PATCH982.ZIP into it.
  3. Follow the instructions in the enclosed README.TXT text file.

The patch replaces two of the Invisible LAN driver files with new versions.

Note: This patch should be used only with Invisible LAN version 4.00K.


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