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Upgrading from Windows 95/98 to Windows Me


Here are some things to keep in mind when upgrading your computer from Windows 95/98 to Windows Me.

Before You Begin

Before you begin the upgrade, make sure that you are running Invisible LAN version 4.00K, with the patch for Windows 98 SE. You will have problems if you are running any earlier version of Invisible LAN.

To check which version you have, look in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and check the dates on the following files:


If the files are dated 02/25/98, then you have Invisible LAN 4.00K Next, look in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory and check the dates on the following files:


If the files are dated 09/27/99, then you have the patch for Windows 98 SE. In this case, you can proceed with the upgrade.

If the files do not have the correct dates, then you have an earlier version of Invisible LAN. In this case, you must upgrade your Invisible LAN software before installing Windows Me. Go to our Software Products section and download the Invisible LAN for Windows 95 and 98, along with the patch for Windows 98 Second Edition. Install them both. (It's OK to install the Windows 98 SE patch on a Windows 95 system.) After installing the Invisible LAN upgrades, you can proceed to install Windows Me.

During the Upgrade

During the upgrade process, Windows Me Setup reboots your computer several times. During some of these reboots, you may see error messages from the Invisible LAN software. Typically, the error messages say "TransBIOS virtual device driver is not installed or not working."

Please ignore any Invisible LAN error messages you see while installing Windows Me. These error conditions are temporary. They will go away once Windows Me is completely installed.

After Installing Windows Me

Windows Me Setup is supposed to preserve your network configuration during the upgrade process. After installing Windows Me, your Invisible LAN network should be ready to go.

Unfortunately, in some cases Windows Me Setup creates a binding between our TransBIOS protocol and Microsoft's Dial-Up Adapter. This binding has to be removed manually after the upgrade is complete. To remove the binding:

  1. Right-click "My Network Places", then click "Properties".
  2. Click "Dial-Up Adapter", then click "Properties".
  3. Click "Bindings".
  4. Remove the check from the box labeled "TransBIOS".
  5. Click "OK", then click "OK" again.

By the way, Invisible LAN displays a warning message on-screen if there is a binding between TransBIOS and the Dial-Up adapter. If you don't see a warning from Invisible LAN when you start your system, then there is no need to check for a binding manually.

One final note: If you ever uninstall your Invisible LAN software, you'll find that you cannot reinstall the Windows 95/98 version on your Windows Me system. To reinstall the software, you need to get Invisible LAN for Windows Me from our Software Products section.

I Installed Windows Me Without Updating Invisible LAN to Version 4.00K. How Can I Update My Invisible LAN Software Now?

With Windows Me (unlike Windows 95/98), you cannot directly update the Invisible LAN software. You need to completely uninstall your old version of Invisible LAN, and then install the new version. Go to our Software Products section and download Invisible LAN for Windows Me. Then follow the instructions in the enclosed 95SETUP.TXT text file.


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